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Terms of Service

The rules/guidelines are fairly simple. This site is considered Family Friendly and we do not have pages of rules. The site is operated with members designated as (SME) Subject Matter Experts with unique qualifications in their respective areas.
  • Inappropriate content will be removed as well as the member if deemed necessary.
  • No Spam, Advertisements, Hyperlinks, (exceptions noted below)
  • Posting in any public area in English only.
  • Signatures - may contain 3 lines of text only.
  • Shoutbox - informal chat only not a support area.
  • Arcade cheating will result in account banning/removal.
  • Nothing Illegal
The very nature of an arcade is competitive and with that in mind, your scores are very likely to be beaten. Your scores being beaten is not grounds for a complaint unless there is something to indicate cheating. We expect fair game play and someone taking all or some of your scores does not constitute a complaint. The Arcade is reset every 3 months. But in between resets we may have tournaments and Weekly Game challenges.

ALL suspected violations must be addressed to the Owners/Admins and not User to User.

Advertisement exceptions - We offer paid advertisements only
Hyperlinks/Links - Links as a response to a topic/post allowed if they are relevant to the message/topic.

The SME team are the final determination on the rules and will be the enforcement arm of the forum in all areas.